Alabama teen gets stuck in Barney head


TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WVTM/CNN) – Barney the dinosaur is famous for his distinctive purple coat and a theme song that gets stuck in your head.

But an Alabama girl got stuck in his head.

15-year-old Darby Risner put on the head section of a Barney costume as a joke. But the joke was on her, and soon became more scary than funny.

“I put it on my head, and what had happened was, like at the point it was on my head, I had no idea that it was like – I didn’t think it was going to get stuck or anything,” recalled Risner.

The head slid down over Risner’s shoulders and she couldn’t get it off.

After Risner and her friends could not get the head off, they called the fire department.

“When she first got there, we looked at it and it was tight,” said Lt. Vince Bruno of Trussville Fire and Rescue. “It had come down around her shoulders and was holding her arms, which looked kind of like dinosaur arms because she could bend from the elbows down, and it was little comical.”

Risner sustained some bruising to her arms, but was otherwise okay.

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