Ala Moana Center fall victim remains hospitalized, awake and paralyzed


We have an update on the man who survived a fall after railings gave way at Ala Moana Center last month.

Macroy Nagato has been in the hospital for over a month now. He is out of a coma and out of ICU, but still has a long way to go in his recovery.

On Oct. 9, Nagato and Nicholas Freitas were leaning against a railing when it gave way, causing both men to fall several stories. Freitas was killed.

After the incident, the city ordered Ala Moana Center to fix any rusted railings. The shopping center told KHON2 it checked all of them and blocked off the ones that might be dangerous.

Now, we’re learning more details about that deadly fall.

Attorney Rick Fried tells us that four sections of railing gave way. Freitas fell 50 feet while Nagato fell about 20 feet.

Nagato just came out of a coma last week.

“He’s out of ICU. He’s still very unstable though. His entire left side is totally paralyzed. He’s not talking. He has a tracheotomy in,” Fried said. “I’m told he can do a shaka sign, but there’s not a lot of communication.”

Plywood now covers several sections of railings on the property. Ala Moana plans to spend $4 million to fix the rusted and eroded railings.

Just last week, the city gave the center a 30-day extension to get the work done.

In a statement, Ala Moana said they’ll “continue to comply with all requirements as indicated by the Department of Planning and Permitting to ensure that all necessary repairs are made in a timely manner.”

Still, Fried said, the accident should’ve never happened.

“There’s really no great reason, no reason whatsoever why this hadn’t been taken care of,” Fried said. “What the parents of both boys are hoping is that this will encourage people to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again, because this is such a simple thing to avoid.”

Ala Moana has until Dec. 14 to correct the violation. We’ll follow up with the city and Ala Moana Center to find out if that deadline is met.

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