Action line: Gift card scam


If you received an unusual request from your boss via e-mail, you’re not the only one. Experts say they’ve received multiple reports about a phony office email scam.

Roseann Freitas, Marketplace Manager at BBB Hawaii, said, “If you get an email from a CEO or your supervisor to purchase these gift cards and get them out immediately, that they’re in a meeting or they can’t talk to you. Usually that right there is a sign.”

Scammers are not only utilizing the spoofing scam to make your supervisor’s email address look legitimate, but they’re also taking advantage of the gift card scam.

Freitas said, “They’re not going to ask you for your credit card information anymore because that can be traced and that can be stopped. So the gift cards now are the biggest way you can do it without getting caught.”

Freitas said if your boss doesn’t usually ask for money, especially through emails that should be a red flag. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor to verify the email was sent from them.

Freitas advises to “Look at the email address, double check it, look at it as far as is it exactly the same. However nothing takes the place of picking up the phone or going to that person’s office and asking the question. Now that we know these are coming in, it’s always best to question.”

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