A small few take action after 7 dogs dumped at beach


We’re told seven dogs were seen abandoned at a beach on the Waianae Coast. However, thanks to the quick actions of some community members, most of the dogs were saved.

“We just had to do something, I mean seven dogs,” said Siena Schaar of Honolulu who was one of the rescuers. 

Schaar tells us seven dogs were dumped at Makua Cave in Leeward Oahu. Schaar and her boyfriend Tyler Agbayani learned about this through a Facebook post.

Instead of feeling sorry, they did something about it. 

“I just wasn’t confident that many people were going to make the trek out there and it was right time, we were not working, so put on my rubber boots, let’s go. We got to just do it,” said Schaar. 

That night the couple and a handful of others who spurred into action rescued five of the seven abandoned dogs. 

“They were really traumatized, in pitch black and on the coral,” said Schaar. “We were just sad to know that someone would just feel like they didn’t have any options. It’s just sad and unfortunately happens a lot.”

As for the other two dogs, Schaar says one of them went up in the mountains. 

“Just tying to get all the options we can because he doesn’t have much time,” she said. 

Through countless messages, emails, and calls within their network, the rescuers were able to find temporary foster homes. 

“That night, we were able to get three dogs in the same foster,” said Schaar. 

Two of the dogs made their way to Oahu SPCA. One of the dogs has already been adopted. Adoption coordinator Rachel Zinkus says the other is still waiting for a home. 

“They were not in that bad of shape, they were dehydrated from drinking the sea water,” said Zinkus. 

Zinkus tells us they’ve been seeing an increase of dogs being dumped. 

“It’s just not a solution, it’s just creating another problem,” she said.

Zinkus says there are many foster homes in the state willing to work with people who are no longer able to care for their pets. Take it from Schaar and the other rescuers. 

“It’s totally doable. There are people that will open their homes, you just have to reach out,” said Schaar. 

For them actions speak louder than words. 

“We’re really hoping that more people will see those posts and actually take action. That’s how stuff is going to get done,” said Schaar. 

For more information about Oahu SPCA, click here. 

To reach Siena Schaar, email her at info@keikoconservation.com.

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