A recent string of moped thefts on UH Manoa campus, plus tips on how to prevent your moped from being stolen


A recent string of moped thefts on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, and students there said they’re not surprised.

“I’ve heard its a general problem,” said Gavin Lewis. Lewis is a moped owner and student at UH Manoa.

“We usually just get an email of all the summaries of all the many mopeds that have been stolen…it’s kind of been a thing like over the past few years,” said Britteny Pradls, a student at UH.

Two mopeds were stolen from Manoa campus in the last week. One from the moped racks near Hale Aloha Mokihana and one from Zone 19 parking near Stan Sheriff Center.

Despite the recent thefts, Sarah Rice, UH Community programs manager said the number of mopeds stolen this year has actually gone done.

“So far in 2019, this is the only string of moped thefts that we’ve had,” Rice said.

There were 28 mopeds reported stolen on campus by the same time in 2018 compared to only 13 moped thefts this year.

UH officials said that in 85% of motor vehicle thefts, the moped or car was either unlocked or improperly locked.

“The first thing that we recommend is locking your moped, which might seem obvious. But it’s not just putting a lock on it. It’s locking it properly meaning that it is attached with a heavy chain lock to some sort of immovable object,” explained Rice.

She said sometimes when students are in a rush they don’t secure them properly, which makes them an easy target.

“Often times what students will do is they’ll get in a hurry or they won’t find space at the moped rack that they’re at so they’ll slip a chain to the tire and not attach it to the rack. The problem with that is that mopeds are so light and so easy to pick up that the person doesn’t even have to cut a lock to take it,” Rice said.

Lewis said he was told never to lock the front wheel of the moped.

“They can take off the front wheel and just replace it. So lock the back wheel try and lock it to something…they can’t really take that off cause you’re deconstructing the whole moped,” Lewis explained.

Another tip: don’t leave the moped parked in the same spot for days on end. Thieves look for patterns. And check it periodically and make sure to remove loose objects like helmets or anything else that shouldn’t be left unsecured.

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