A new alternative to decorating Easter eggs


Decorating Easter eggs has been a favorite Easter pastime, but if you’re looking for a new decorating technique you might want to look in your backyard or refrigerator. 

The Wahiawa Botanical Gardens showed residents an alternative to the traditional dyed eggs using produce and herbs. 

Red cabbage can be used to make a dark red color, and avocado skins for pastel yellow. 

“It’s a lot of fun because you don’t know what result you’re going to get,” said Wahiawa Botanical Gardens’ John Sharpe. “Some things don’t work, but I brought in some that didn’t really work, but you can always at home, or soak it in a little longer, or try techniques with vinegar, less vinegar to see if you can change that result.”

Sharpe does warn that if you are using food or plants as dyes, avoid using poisonous ones or foods you could be allergic to. 

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