Words can be powerful. One woman is using her words to appeal to would-be car thieves to avoid being their victim.

Stolen cars. Smash and grabs. They happen every day in Hawaii. 

In the last month alone, there were 232 car thefts and 624 vehicle break-ins on Oahu according to HPD’s crime mapping website.

Many people are going to great lengths to avoid being targeted. But one woman is taking a simple approach. Armed with a napkin and a pen she’s pleading her case to would-be criminals.

She wrote them a letter that she puts on her dashboard.

“I just thought maybe if I could touch just a little bit of humanity in someone who might be thinking about taking my car, maybe they would not do it,” said Leigh Anne Wilson.

In her letter she said she’d rather the thief take the whole car then just break into it.

“I don’t have anything of value in this car, but if you still feel like you need to break into it, you’d better steal it and I don’t ever want to see this car again because it’s going to be a mess to deal with a car that’s been stolen,” said Wilson.

She also mentioned that she is a cancer survivor. After going through that, she doesn’t want to deal with the hassles the crime would cause.

“Lets face it, somebody steals your car or they break into it, what does that do for them? They just grab it, they take your tires and go. But you’re the one that’s left with all the junk you have to deal with right…it takes a lot of time out of your life when somebody does something like that,” explained Wilson.

She’s been putting the note on her dash for about a month but realizes her luck may run out one day.

“We’re a family of four and we have four vehicles, it’s just a matter of time before one of our cars gets broken into or stolen, the tires get stolen or it just goes missing.”

But for now, it’s working.