HONOLULU (KHON2) — Families have been on the Hawaiian homelands waitlist for years.

But today, more than a dozen were awarded lots on Lanai.

The Department of Hawaiian Homelands has 45 lots on Lanai within the current subdivision.

Today, 16 vacant lots were awarded to beneficiaries. The initial 29 lots were given out back in 2004.

A vacant lot award allows the new lessees to build a home that is within their financial needs.

“I’m very, very happy because it reminds me that it took kupuna with a vision to make these pronouncements decades ago,” said lot recipient Solomon Kahoohalahala. “Had they not done that before, we would not have had an opportunity moving that request to its eventual outcome which was 50 acres. So today, we’re fulfilling that vision to our kupuna to now put our families on these lands here on Lanai.”

The Department of Hawaiian Homelands plans to develop more than 70 additional lots on Lanai.