800,000 gallons of wastewater spills from Big Island Dairy


The Hawaii Department of Health is warning the public to stay out of Kaohaoha Gulch below Mamalahoa Highway in Ookala on the Big Island.

Officials say storm water within Kaohaoha Gulch was contaminated with animal waste due to discharge Monday morning from a lagoon at the Big Island Diary facility. 

The DOH is advising the public to avoid contact with water within Kaohaoha Gulch in areas between Big Island Dairy and the shoreline east of Ookala Town. 

The contaminated water is expected to reach coastal waters via storm water flows through Kaohaoha Gulch.

Warning signs have been posted in the affected areas. 

Owners of Big Island Dairy reported the discharge to DOH at 9:10 a.m. Monday, and estimated approximately 800,000 gallons of wastewater is expected to be discharged during pumping activities throughout the day. 

The lagoon is being pumped down to maintain the structural integrity of the lagoon and prevent an uncontrolled discharge into Alaialoa Gulch, which runs through Ookala Town. 

The dairy is required to submit a written report to DOH documenting the cause of the spill.

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