HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) informs the public that its parking partner, ABM Parking Services, is continuing to remove abandoned vehicles from the parking lots at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL). A total of 60 cars will be towed during this removal operation, which is anticipated to take several weeks.

Parking at the airport in Honolulu can be tight, especially during high travel seasons. Officials are doing something about that by towing abandoned vehicles. They’ve done this in the past, but this time the process to tow has changed, giving car owners more opportunities to claim their vehicles.

Ask travelers parking at the airport is hard enough as it is.

“Unless it’s a very early flight it can be quite challenging to find parking. I worry about it anytime I have a flight in the day. My wife and I come early just because we know it could be a problem,” said David Robyak.

“Especially on three day weekends or holidays, you have a flight out whether you visit for family or for a job sometimes it’s really tough to get parking,” said James Desilva.

So officials are tagging cars parked for more than 30 days. At the Terminal 1 parking garage, we spotted at least 3 vehicles that appeared abandoned and that’s just on one level.

“I’ve seen a lot of old vehicles here with flat tires and license plates were taken out,” said Desilva.

Many will have intent to tow notices on their windshields. The process for the removal of abandoned vehicles at HNL is:

  • Cars parked for more than 30 days are identified by license plate inventory;
  • The last registered owner of the vehicle is identified and contacted via certified letter;
  • If the car is not removed within 30 days it is subject to tow;
  • Towed vehicles are removed to an impound lot and auctioned after 30 days;
  • The owner or interested persons will be afforded appropriate opportunities to contest the decisions to tow and auction.

“It’s a little ridiculous. You have to wonder why somebody would abandon their vehicle,” said Robyak.

“I’m glad they are towing the vehicles. 60 is a lot, that is a lot of stalls people could utilize,” said Desilva.

More information about parking at HNL is available at http://airports.hawaii.gov/hnl/getting-to-from/parking/

Travelers are encouraged to consider arranging for drop off service via taxi or a TNC such as UBER or Lyft especially during the summer travel season and between the peak travel hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.