5 years after Kunia woman mysteriously disappears, children wait for her return


Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday.

It’s supposed to be a happy time, but for the Wideman brothers — Caliph, 16, Cameron, 12, and Cairo, 10 — Mother’s Day will always be the day their mother disappeared.

“I think about my mom pretty much every day,” Caliph Wideman said.

“I miss her and I wish she would come home to have fun with us and love us,” Cairo Wideman said.

The three boys are spending another Mother’s Day without their mom.

“A lot of people take seeing their parents every day for granted when people like us don’t see our mom,” Caliph Wideman said.

Their mom, Loida Wideman, was last seen the night of Mother’s Day 2012. She left her Kunia home to go to work at a nursing home in Kapolei. Her car was found abandoned in Pearl City several days later.

“We’ve speculated someone must have done something to her, or something else happened that we don’t know of,” Caliph Wideman said.

Honolulu police say it’s still classified as a missing persons case.

KHON2 asked the boys if they think their mom is still alive.

Caliph replied: “Yeah, we still have hope in us to pray that she’s still alive somewhere, somewhere safe, or at least she’s somewhere hiding away. That’s what we hope for.”

The three boys have been growing up without a mom or dad. Lonnell Wideman was arrested for violating his parole days after his ex-wife disappeared.

The Hawaii Department of Public Safety says Lonnell Wideman is at Saguaro Correctional Center in Arizona. His next parole hearing is scheduled for May 2019.

Loida Wideman’s brother and his wife have been taking care of her three boys and, despite the hardship, they’ve been doing well.

They credit their mom.

“We were little at the time and she just wanted us to grow up to be good people,” Cameron Wideman said.

They’ve been doing well in school. Caliph proudly said: “I got 4.0 last quarter.”

He already knows he wants to go to college on the mainland, and maybe major in engineering. He’s currently a sophomore at Waipahu High School.

“At one time, she was working two jobs to support us, and that I guess that’s where I learned to be a hard worker from, was my mother,” Caliph Wideman said.

He added, if their mom is out there, he wants her to know: “I really miss you and I want you to come home really bad.”

This weekend they plan to have other family over, eat Filipino food, and remember the good times they had with her.

The boys said their mom was a really good cook and they miss her cooking.

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