4th annual Hawaii Island Festival of Birds canceled


The fourth annual Hawaii Island Festival of Birds has been cancelled.

Rob Pacheco, co-founder of the festival, announced in a press release that the festival has been cancelled this year due to “ongoing uncertainty of access into key native forest habitat.”

“We deeply regret to announce the cancellation of this year’s Hawaii Island Festival of Birds,” Pacheco stated. “As evidenced by festival pre-registration, Hawaii’s native endemic forest birds are the keystone experience that most festival attendees desire. There is a high probability that current road and forest closures on Maunakea will still be in place at the onset of the festival. 

“There are too many risks and unknowns at this point for us to guarantee fulfilling our overall festival obligations while providing a successful and high quality festival experience we’ve promised and advertised. This was a difficult decision and made with careful deliberation after numerous consultations with authorities and resource managers. Though conditions could change, we feel we need to make this decision now before the festival date gets too close so you can plan accordingly.”

The festival was scheduled to take place from October 24-28.

Pacheco also said that for those who have already booked their trip to the festival, they will receive a full refund from the hotel and the festival. 

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