32-year-old Kamuela man charged in identity theft case


A 32-Year-old Kamuela man is charged following an identity theft investigation.

Hawaii Island Police arrested Charles Franklin Pericho on August 9th after he tried to cash a stolen check at a local check cashing establishment in Hilo. Pericho had a check that had been stolen in a reported burglary in Kona. Posing as someone else, Pericho had identification for another person that he tried to use in cashing the $500.00 check.

In examining the identification and check, the manager for the establishment was suspicious and called the police reporting the incident.

Police arrived and arrested Pericho recovering the check and other documents he had illegally. 

He was later charged with two counts of Theft, one count each of Identity Theft, Unauthorized Possession of Personal Confidential Information, and Forgery and is being held in lieu of $6,750.00 bail pending a court appearance.

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