3 nonprofits recognized during Outdoor Heritage Caucus Day


Three non-profit organizations were honored at the State Capitol Tuesday for their efforts to get people to enjoy Hawaii’s environment in a safe, sustainable way.

At Outdoor Heritage Caucus Day, lawmakers honored Hawaii Bicycling League, People’s Advocacy for Trails Hawaii (PATH), and AccesSurf.

“We picked three community groups that help people get to the outdoors and be there safely,” explained state Sen. Laura Thielen, caucus co-chair. “Hawaii Bicycling League helps people make sure that we have safe bike paths to bike on, PATH Hawaii advocates for safe trails, more access to the mauka areas and AccesSurf, which helps people with disabilities to get out in the water and enjoy surfing.”

Exhibits were on display in the rotunda to provide more information about each organization, and floor presentations were made in both the Senate and the House.

“What’s really special is that the programs that we run are for people with disabilities, so they can have accessible programs for the beach and ocean,” said Cara Short, AccesSurf executive director. “It’s our 10th anniversary this year, and it is quite an honor to receive this recognition today.”

The Outdoor Heritage Caucus focuses on:

  1. Ensuring public access to public lands for the enjoyment of outdoor pursuits;
  2. Safeguarding the integrity of user-pays trust funds, license revenues, and other dedicated financial contributions by hunter men and women, fishermen and women, and outdoor recreational users; and
  3. Enhancing state aquatic and wildlife habitat conservation for current and future generations.

Legislators monitor national debate on issues related to outdoor cultural practices, recreational activities, and hunting and fishing.

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