2nd Maui police officer arrested, charged for DUI


A second Maui police officer has been arrested and charged for DUI, the department confirmed Friday.

John Salomon, 39, of Pukalani, was arrested on Thursday, June 11, and charged for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant and refusal to submit to a breath, blood or urine test.

He was released after posting bail in the amount of $1,350.

Salomon is a three-year veteran with the department. His credentials and firearm(s) have been surrendered and he is currently on personal leave, officials said.

Salomon was the third MPD employee arrested in just two weeks.

On May 31, Rachel Garvin, 33, was arrested and charged for the same offense. Garvin served eight years under MPD and is also on personal leave.

On May 30, the department announced an investigation into an employee accused of exposing himself in a vehicle in the Pukalani Terrace and Hannibal Tavares Community Center parking lots. A spokesman for the department would not confirm if the employee was a police officer.

KHON reached out for an on-camera interview Friday, but the department declined.

However residents and Maui County Councilmembers had plenty to say.

“It’s distressing. I feel the police officers are just like us. Considering their job is challenging, I don’t think the system will hold them accountable,” said Maui resident Chris Williams.

Councilmember Ellie Cochran stands by the officers, calling it “reassuring” that police officers are enforcing the law “even if that means arresting their fellow officers.”

Councilmember Don Couch agrees. “We have about 300 police officers. In any organization with that many folks, there’s going to be some people who aren’t (perfect). It’s a testament to police department that they’re going after these people,” he said.

But Couch says this could have been prevented.

“I can imagine there are concerns,” he said. “There’s 300 police officers, that’s less than even one percent of people. You’re not going to catch all the people in the interview process. People make mistakes. Screening wasn’t well. At least they’re caught now instead of it getting covered up somewhere. The department is good at keeping it out in the open.”

Couch says he will wait to hear from the police commission on whether these officers will keep their jobs.

“Everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. If they were guilty, they need to pay the consequences, in my opinion,” he said.

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