Another food establishment on Maui has closed down because of a roach infestation. Both businesses with red placards share the same building complex. We’re talking about the 5A Rent A Space Retail Center in Lahaina. There are four businesses that serve food and drinks in the building. After inspection, Ohana Tacos closed on Thursday and the next day so did Barefruit Bar.

About 40 roaches were spotted in places like fruit storage bins and a dish drying rack at Barefruit Bar. The day before and just a couple of doors down, the state reported an extensive roach infestation at Ohana Tacos. Barefruit Bar tells us they’ve made changes and sent us these photos.

“We just immediately started getting rid of all of that. Everything that we saw that could be harboring anything. Things we are not using,” said Barefruit Bar Co-owner Michelle Barrera. “We’ve only been open for a few years so this has definitely been a learning experience.”

But the public’s negative perception has impacted other businesses who are in the clear. Like Honokowai Okazuya and Deli which is next door to the smoothie shop and has no roach problem.

“What I encourage people to do is to go the state website and find what we we’ve been charged with, which is nothing! This place had no critical violations in the last 6-7 years since they opened the new system with the placards,” said Manager Arturo Gonzalez.

Department of Health Director Bruce Anderson tells us businesses need to be vigilant about exterminating roaches and rodents.

“We routinely check out food establishments in the area when there’s a problem to make sure it’s not a widespread problem in this situation the other restaurants in the area seem to be fine there’s not a problem with them that’s reassuring,” said Anderson.

There’s already been a follow-up inspection for Ohana Tacos and Barefruit Bar. A second follow-up inspection for each will take place again this week.