1,200 guns and 7 tons of ammo found in dead California man’s home


(CNN) — We have a mysterious life and death to tell you about in California.

The body of Jeffrey Alan Lash was discovered in a parked SUV near his Los Angeles area home. He had been dead for weeks.

Lash’s fiancee knew he was there, but never contacted authorities. She said those were his wishes.

When police went to his home they made another surprising discovery: an arsenal of weapons and ammo like they’ve never seen before.

Authorities are trying to unlock a mystery of why one man would have have a weapons collection like this.

“That’s just one box. And there are hundreds, hundreds, hundreds,” private investigator Scott Ross said.

That’s an understatement. Police seized 1,200 firearms in this upscale, Pacific Palisades townhome.

That’s right, 1,200 pristine, new guns. Some with price tags still on them.

Officers also found nearly 7 tons — yes, tons — of ammunition.

This is the largest weapons seizure from one home that the LAPD can recall.

“They basically had an assembly line where they passed them from one to the other, into the truck, until the truck was filled with guns and ammo. And we had to bring back another truck,” LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said.

That’s not all police found. Piles of cash totaling $230,000.

As to what he planned to do with it all, we may never know. That’s because 50-year-old Lash was found in an SUV just outside his condo, decomposing there for more than two weeks.

Lash’s life, intensely private, became public when his fiancee called lawyer Harlan Braun.

“I just assumed she was some crazy lady who was coming up with some bizarre story,” Braun said.

The story as she told it, Lash worked for multiple secret government spy agencies, and he collected weapons.

Lash also suffered from cancer and as it turns out, his fiancee is the one who helped him into the car, putting a blanket over his body.

When he died, Lash promised his fiancee his “people” would take care of everything. Taking away his body and his guns.

“Absolutely, for 17 years she believed him. Probably very intelligent, very manipulative person. Or maybe it’s actually true. Maybe she believed what was true. He wasn’t a drug dealer. Wasn’t a survivalist. Wasn’t a gun merchant. It’s inexplicable at this time,” Braun said.

One of the many mystifying parts for investigators, Lash appeared to have no income.

No job. No criminal record. No family.

But you can’t just dismiss him as a hoarder because he amassed a weapons collection worth millions.

So who is Jeffery Alan Lash?

“Just a nice ordinary guy with a fascination for weapons,” Lash’s attorney of 30 years Robert Rentzer said.

That may be, but even Rentzer can’t explain where he got all the money.

“We never spoke about what he did for a living and that’s because I had the impression that he didn’t do anything for a living,” Rentzer said.

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