While the 2019 season home for the Oakland Raiders remains unknown, at least there is a lot to look forward to in 2020. 

A brand new $1.8 billion stadium is being built for the team in Las Vegas.

There have been many emotions when it comes to the team moving to a new city, but A’s manager Bob Melvin says it is going to be a great opportunity for the team.  

“You know it’s easier to make moves obviously when you’re at home and to have a new ballpark for them is going to be great,” says Melvin. “I did tour the ballpark during the winter meetings, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. You know, it’s exciting to be in Las Vegas, you know a little ways from the strip which is fine. But I think all those things like you said are great for our guys because they’re going to have some of the best facilities. We’re going to have a good team there, we’re going to have younger guys coming through there, close proximity from home. For all those reasons, it’s a lot, it’s great to be excited about that.”