The Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin was awarded the American League Manager of the Year following the 2018 season.

This is the second time that Melvin has been given this honor as the A’s manager. In 2007, Melvin was awarded the title for the National League with the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Heading into his ninth season as the A’s manager, Melvin says receiving this award is simply a product of what everyone else has done.  

“You know what, it’s actually a little uncomfortable because it’s all about the players and if you have good players and they perform, I end up getting awards,” said Melvin. “I don’t think there’s more of an organizational award than there is manager of the year because it’s certainly helped from the front office bringing in the players, the coaching staff is the one working with the players on a daily basis and the players end up performing, so you know, therefore it’s a little uncomfortable for me because I think it’s just a product of what everybody else is doing.”