UPDATE: Four of the 11 stranded melon-headed whales have died, per NOAA.

“NOAA veterinarians determined that the four stranded whales were in grave condition and nothing more could be done to save them, so the animals were made comfortable with a sedative and then humanely euthanized to relieve their suffering.  

“The remaining six whales showed signs that they might survive, so they were refloated back into the ocean.  Unfortunately, two of the six refloated whales soon re-stranded. NOAA veterinarians were assessing what can be done for these whales, but the prognosis was not good, and they will likely also be sedated and euthanized,” said the NOAA in a statement.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is responding to approximately 10 whales that are stranded on shore in the Sugar Beach area of Maui. 

The whales are believed to be melon-headed whales. 

The response team includes NOAA veterinarians and scientists from the University of Hawaii and will ensure the best care for the whales.

DLNR and Maui County are also working with NOAA to ensure public safety. 

The public is asked to keep a safe distance from all marine mammals.