HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Humane Society said they are extremely full and need foster homes for animals.

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They have 135 dogs and only 40 kennels. They’ve been doubling, even tripling up.

They have puppies, kittens and adults looking for a temporary home.

MHS said some of the animals are from Lahaina who’s families aren’t able to find housing with pets, or they’re moving off island. They also have over 400 cats in their care and will announce a new program early this week

“But a lot of our dogs do so much better in a home and when the kennels are full it prevents new dogs from coming in so we really need the public to help by taking an animal into foster care this allows for an animal who needs us and has no where to go, medical needs, allows us to bring them in and help them,” said Jenny Miller from MHS.

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MHS will provide the supplies, just go in and pick the animal you’d like. If you do have a dog at home, bring him or her with and they’ll do a meeting so the two can get a long.