Courtesy of Lei of Aloha for World Peace

KIHEI, Hawaii (KHON2) — A Hawaii group in Maui called “Lei of Aloha for World Peace” will be sending a mile-long ti leaf lei to Uvalde, Texas in honor of the 19 kids and two adults that lost their lives in a mass school shooting that happened on May 24.

“Thank you for your interest in our efforts of sharing aloha to another community as Uvalde, Texas navigates through these difficult times. Once again, we are mourning the loss of children, innocents killed by gun violence.”


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The lei group was created by Ron Panzo of Maui who said the project began on Sunday, May 29, with 80 to 100 volunteers and 10 trucks filled with ti leaves. Panzo said volunteers would find and bring ti leaves in from their backyards or from the mountains.

“We have a Honolulu chapter that is starting their lei today,” said Panzo. “That’s another dozen of volunteers. Our mission with Lei of Aloha for World Peace is to send a powerful message of love, peace and solidarity,” Panzo explained.

Panzo said the goal is to ship the mile-long lei in four large containers by filling each container with two-eighths of a mile with a total weight of 350 pounds.

“Woven into each part of the lei is the reminder that we are all connected, ‘We are one,'” stated Panzo.

Panzo explained that the lei will be presented in Uvalde with a cultural leader, musician and a prayer.

“Wene Chun of Maui will be our Kumu, Hawaiian cultural practitioner, who will lead our delegation through proper cultural protocols for this occasion. Anthony Pfluke from Maui, an amazing youth entertainer will provide mele,” Panzo added.

According to Panzo, Pfluke wrote two songs for the lei presentation called “Kui Lei Aloha,” which was written and composed for the Las Vegas tragic event. The second song is called “We Will Rise,” which was written and composed for the students of Parkland, Florida.

Panzo said Crystal and Alohalani Cayaban, a mother and daughter duo from Honolulu, will provide hula at the lei presentation.

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The lei presentation will happen this weekend in Texas, and the time of the event will be announced on The Lei of Aloha’s FB page. Panzo said a Hawaiian club in San Antonio has reached out to his group to support them with the logistics of their lei presentation event.

The gofundme account for this event can be found here.