HONOLULU (KHON2) — There are new changes coming to Zippy’s Restaurants next month. A letter was sent this week to current Senior Club members informing them that the program will end.

Effective Aug. 8, you can no longer use your Zippy’s Senior Club card, regardless of the expiration date. The Zippy’s Senior Club program will be replaced by a new — and free — program called Zipster Rewards. Each time you eat at Zippy’s, you’ll get Zipcoins, which can then be redeemed for free food.

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“The current Senior Club program costs $20 per year and provides a 10% discount to those 65 years of age or better,” a Zippy’s spokesperson told KHON2. “We are doing this so that we can launch a new rewards program on August 8th called Zipster Rewards, which is free and will be open to anyone, regardless of age.” 

So what will happen to those in the Senior Club program?

Current members can continue to use their cards through Aug. 7, then choose one of the following options:


Receive $100 in Zippy’s food credit when you join their new Zipster Rewards program. You qualify if your Senior Club membership expires on July 5 or later. You must join their new Zipster Rewards program by Dec. 31. This must be done online and can’t be done in-person.

What to do next:

  • Review information on their Zipster Rewards program, which will be available in August.
  • Click here on Aug. 8 for a link to sign up for the Zipster Rewards program.
  • Note: Senior Club members will need to download the Zippy’s mobile app beginning Aug. 8 to sign up for the Zipster Rewards and use the $100 food credit.


Receive a $20 check if your Senior Club membership expires on Aug. 8 or later. You must submit your check request by Dec. 31.

What to do next:

  • Click here to fill out the form to request your check before Dec. 31. This must be done online or by mail and cannot be done in-person at the restaurant.

Senior Club members may only choose one option and have until Dec. 31 to take action.

If you sign up for Zipster Rewards program on or after Aug. 8 to claim your $100 food credit, you will no longer be eligible for the $20 check. Conversely, if you claim the $20 check, you will no longer be eligible for the $100 food credit if you sign up for Zipster Rewards program.

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Zippy’s new rewards program offers a similar benefit to the current discount, but instead of getting 10% off, you’ll earn free food. Since they’re unable to do both programs at the same time, Zippy’s is offering a special gift to former Senior Club members when the program ends. For more information, click here.