Zipperlane is up and running after Zipmobile malfunction

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The Zipperlane is up and running this morning.

There was some concern after the Zipmobile malfunctioned leaving the lane stuck open for a few extra hours yesterday.

The Department of Transportation said the part that controls the Zipmobile’s speed malfunctioned while moving the barriers to close the lane.

It was the fourth time this year the Zipmobile experienced  problems.


The Zipperlane closed several hours behind schedule Monday.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation said one of the Zipmobiles experienced mechanical problems after partially closing the barriers in the morning.

The function that controls the vehicle’s speed malfunctioned while moving the barriers to close the lane, officials said.

The machine is currently back at Zip Hale and mechanics are performing a damage assessment and will perform the necessary repairs.

The second Zipmobile was immediately deployed to close barriers after the first was disengaged and finished the job at 12:45 p.m.

Officials say they did not receive any complaints regarding traffic.

The Ziplane will reopen Tuesday at its normal hour of 5 a.m.

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