“Not a random act,” Police search for persons of interest in morning shooting

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Shots rang out, which alarmed this bustling community.

“We heard rapid gunfire like five shots — bam bam bam,” said Barry Schneider of the Vacuum Cleaner Center.

It startled Jan Lee who was parked nearby.

“I don’t know what happened. I just ran like everybody else. Was quite frightening, shook us up,” said witness Jan Lee.

Shotgun shells littered the ground.

“And then two guys were running, like sprinting across here, like passed the bank through the parking lot,” said Dyson Ramones of the Crows Nest Barber Shop.

Police say multiple gunshots were fired at two vehicles. No one was in the silver Lexus, but there were three adults and two children in the black Explorer.

“At this time, investigators are trying to determine the motive of this incident. However, we don’t believe its a random act,” said Capt. Gail Beckley.

No one was shot, but police say one adult and a one-year-old boy were injured by shattered glass.

Emergency Medical Services says that they treated the baby and took him to the hospital in stable condition.

Two witnesses told KHON2 that after the shots were fired, they saw two men running along Pensacola Street toward the bank. One witness who did not want to be on camera said he heard about 5 to 6 gunshots then saw two men tucking away a gun.

A third man was chasing after them. Dyson Ramones says he heard the man scream, “you shot at my son!” Ramones says an undercover cop stopped the chase.

“It was weird that they were right there because right when the shots happened, they already knew that something was going to happen. It seemed like, you know, it was weird that it would be a coincidence that they were there,” said Ramones.

Police say they need help to identify these two men.

“Two males have been identified as persons of interest we’re asking the public to help identify these males anyone with information are asked to call 911 do not approach these individuals,” said Capt. Gail Beckley.

Police do not believe it was a random act.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police.

Below is the full press conference with the Honolulu Police Department regarding the shooting incident:

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