Young Brothers apologizes for heavy traffic at Sand Island

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Long lines of trucks backed up traffic near Sand Island. We learned they were trying to get to Young Brothers. The company made some changes, but now it’s reversing its decision. 

Young Brothers tell us it redirected truckers to the back gate instead of using the entrance on Nimitz Highway. The commute on Nimitz may have been freed up a little Monday morning, but it caused traffic congestion on Sand Island. 

On Monday, which is one of the busiest days for loading trucks, drivers couldn’t use the entrance to Young Brothers on Nimitz Highway. Instead, they had to use Libby gate on Auiki Street.

The line to get in stretched all the way to the intersection, extending to Sand Island Access Road in both directions. 

“It was on Nimitz before, so they figured to try this and it ain’t working,” said truck driver Randy Cababa. 

Young Brothers tell us it made the change to redirect trucker traffic to its back gate and reduce congestion on Nimitz Highway. That unexpectedly increased wait times and delays. 

What’s also causing this standstill traffic is that Libby gate is closed for lunch for an hour, in fact, we’ve also seen some drivers eating lunch while stuck in traffic.

“I get paid by the hour so it’s not too bad. You got other truckers, they get paid by the can. They ain’t making too much today that’s for sure,” said Cababa. 

In a statement Young Brothers say:

In an effort to improve our employee and customer safety, overall productivity, and to enhance customer service, Young Brothers, LLC, modified its traffic patterns today to redirect trucker traffic to its back gate and reduce congestion on Nimitz Highway. Contrary to our intent, customers experienced increased wait times and delays at the back gate and on the surrounding roadways. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused our customers and neighbors.   

Effective Tuesday, June 18, 2019, we will reopen our Nimitz gate and revert back to the prior traffic flows and process for accepting cargo. We are committed to improving our business and customer service, as well as continuing to work to address ongoing traffic issues and congestion. We thank our community and customers for their patience while we work diligently to better serve you.

One driver we spoke to tells us it was nice not to see traffic on Nimitz but not at the expense of other areas getting congested. 

“Today the traffic was really good but coming out of Sand Island from our working place Alahao Place it was terrible,” said Darryl Choy who works at Vet’s Termites Control.

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