HONOLULU (KHON2) — The World Surf League competition is the first event of the 2022/2023 qualifying series and it is held at Ala Moana Bowls, with 96 men and 24 women competing.

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Marty Thomas, WSL Hawaii event director, said they are off on Friday, June 17 to “let that swell build up throughout the day. Looking good for the weekend, and maybe even into early next week. The next call is tomorrow 7 a.m.”

The judges are posted at the end of Magic Island, which is usually not crowded but come time for the opening ceremony, this place is set to be packed.

Professional surfer, Brianna Cope, spoke about how it feels to be surfing in town. She said she used to compete in the same place as a young kid and “it will be fun to have, you know, the old memories create to new memories.”

Cope said it’s the perfect weekend for a competition close to home as “Father’s Day is on Sunday, so I’m super excited. My dad’s going to be here, he’ll be able to watch the contest live. usually, he watches it online, so it will be really cool.”

With the competition in town, she hopes to see a lot of people.

“It’s gonna be fun, um, the waves are beautiful, look at this backdrop. You know, what more can you ask for and there’s grass. It’s not sand, so that’s nice.”

Brianna Cope, Professional Surfer

One fan is excited to see big time surfers compete on the waves he normally rides.

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“You know, especially like Kai Lenny, you know, he’s a big name. You can, from this spot, you can see them up pretty close compared to other places. So yeah, it’s a real good opportunity to get up close to them.,” said Cameron Yabsley.