Woman speaks out on hit and run and says, “I’m so lucky I wasn’t in my car”

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Imagine parking your car in front of your home and then the next morning finding it in front of your neighbor’s driveway, and it’s damaged. That’s what happened to a Waipahu woman.

“I’m so lucky that I wasn’t inside my car. That I’m safe,” said Jocelyn Galamgam, the hit and run victim. “I was surprised and I was just shocked that my car got pushed to our neighbor.”

She caught video of the incident and filed a police report after she realized what happened.

She says her car had damages to the bumper and left side of the car, totaling to over a thousand dollars, but it could end up being more.

“According to the estimator it may cost more or they may find more when they actually open up the car,” said Galamgam. 

“I can’t believe it happened… that whoever hit my car did not leave any messages or anything.” 

Steven Wong, owner of Wong Way Driving Academy says this could be due to many reasons.

“They don’t have insurance. They just don’t want to get in trouble. They don’t want to have to be responsible. They could be drunk. They could be texting,” said Wong.

He says that during the holiday months, when many people are out on the road, there tends to be more of these incidents.

“The more and more cars we have, the more interactions we have. That’s why we have an increase in road rage incidents,” said Wong. 

While you can’t control what other drivers do, Wong says there are things you can do to try to prevent incidents like these. 

He suggests parking your car in your garage and if you have to park on the street, parking close to the curb and turning in your mirrors.

As for Galamgam, she’s asking for the public’s help to see if anyone witnessed the incident. As for the culprit, she had this to say:

“Please come forward, say something, admit it – that it’s an accident. You know it’s an accident. We’re all humans. We all make mistakes,” said Galamgam.

She asks that anyone has information, to contact the Honolulu Police Department.

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