With hurricane season underway, local farms are preparing for potentials storms

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Local farms are no stranger to the devastating damage a hurricane can bring. With another hurricane season underway, it’s a reminder to stay ready and prepared.

“Well it’s always sad to see trees you planted, cared for years that gone blown away,” said Annick Dauphinais, Managing Director of Big Island Farms. “I think for us structures is not as damaging as live trees because trees, it can take 10 to 15 years before they can produce food that can feed your community and ohana but when a structure gets damaged you can fix it.”

“That was bad that was a combination of saturated ground, there wasn’t any sun so all the crop just, a gradual death of a lot of crop bees didn’t come up to pollinate,” said Alec Sou, General Manager and President of Aloun Farms Inc.

Aloun and Big Island Farms are both taking preventative measures to make sure they avoid damage from any potential storms.

“We are spending right now a lot of time cutting trees, anything that will fall, prepping with Coronavirus and the hurricane. It’s just I think an important thing is having enough water and storage. We have to think about a lot of details but one of them is creating wind breaks so if anyone is farm owners or owns land or farm managers, I would recommend that they look at the different wind patterns that their property is being blown away with,” said Dauphinais.

With the right steps taken, farm owners are hoping for a smooth ride through the rest of the year.

“So we have all the details prepared and hopefully this year we’re prepared and we can say with corona and hurricane we’re fine,” said Dauphinais.

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