HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been more than two months since Cyril Derreumaux left California to solo paddle across 2,400 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean to get to Hawaii. It’s expected to be a 70-day adventure at sea to get to Waikiki.

Two weeks ago, he reached the halfway point, learning to eat one bite at a time, not looking too far ahead or getting too caught up in the future. But with food running out, he now has to change course.

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“Right now I have 29 days of food left including ration,” Derreumaux wrote on social media.

Using the last two-week average speed and the number of miles left, he estimated it would take 35 days to get to Waikiki, 32 days to Maui and 29 days to Hilo.

On Thursday, Aug. 25, Derreumaux shared that he decided to change his destination to Hilo.

“I will be taking a southwest route over the next 48 hours to catch a stronger current toward the new destination,” he wrote.

Every day, Derreumaux posts updates on his social media pages. Click here to follow his journey.

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For the 45-year-old father, this is his biggest adventure to date. He’s spent the last four years preparing for it. Technical issues and limitations cut his adventure short last year.