Wind gust blows section of roof off Manoa home

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Manoa residents are familiar with strong wind gusts because they live in a valley, but one homeowner says he’s never seen or felt what happened Wednesday afternoon.

Ken Tsuruda was in his living room when he heard a loud sound out of nowhere.

After that, water poured down all over his living room.

He says a wind gust blew part of his roof off, an estimated 30 ft. by 30 ft. section.

“Buckets. I mean like a waterfall, like Manoa Valley waterfall, so a waterfall was coming into the house,” Tsuruda said. “I didn’t know the roof was damaged until rain poured in.”

“No one was hurt. That’s the main thing,” said Melanie Tsuruda. “I’m just glad he’s okay, because he was here doing that and it could have been worse if that piece blew off and hit someone.” 

The Honolulu Fire Department patched up the roof with temporary repairs, so the Tsurudas can keep the rain out for the next few days.

Ken Tsuruda says the roof is about 20 years old, but there were never any leaks or any indication that it was about to give way.

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