Wild Moanalua car crash ends in arrest

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A quiet night in Moanalua turned crazy within minutes — after a speeding car was pulled over on Salt Lake Boulevard.

The twisted tale winds up with damage to two cars and the arrest of an armed, convicted felon, who was found hiding in a stream.

The driver sped away from Honolulu Police in Salt Lake and wound up making a rapid turn onto Mahiole Street in Moanalua. As he did, a tire flew off his car — and hit a car driven by an Ewa Beach woman on her way home.

Moments later a home security camera caught dramatic video of the suspect driving by. 

A witness says, “the craziest thing is, I thought someone was burning out down my street, then all of a sudden I thought, ‘that thing is coming closer,’ I instantly opened my door. As soon as I opened my door, I see a car driving with no wheel, throwing sparks going 10 feet in the air.”

He says it was like something out of a movie.

Lei, who lives in Ewa Beach, had just visited her mother in Moanalua. Her mother was concerned about her safety, driving at night. 

“I was going up toward the stop light in the left lane, and that car came around the corner, it was, going at such a high speed, and I heard the screeching, I didn’t know what it was. He kept going down the hill and my car, hit a thump. And, I didn’t realize at the time it was his tire that flew off the car. When I hit it, I thought, ‘oh my God, did somebody fly out of the car, and I hit somebody?”

She pulled over  to call police — and to find a chunk of her fender hanging by a thread.

“The tire had just taken off that fender, it was hanging by a thread and that’s when I called 9-1-1 and started talking to them and while I was on the phone with 9-1-1, that’s when he turned around and came back up the street.”

This time, other drivers who had pulled over to help, were with her — and she is grateful that some of the Hawaii she grew up in, still exists. 

“Thank you so much for all your help, and for your concern, because just to have somebody support you when you need them.”

Witnesses alerted police to the car, abandoned near Moanalua stream. 

Police trekked down to the stream to find the suspect — identified as 40 year-old Brian Ancho, a convicted felon — hiding in the stream bed with loaded guns.  

Ancho was arrested for resisting an order to stop, firearms violations and drug possession.

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