HONOLULU (KHON2) — AAA said gas prices are coming down around the country, but what about Hawaii?

The national average has dropped by just under 10% in 30 days.

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Experts said to not expect a huge dip in the Islands.

The national average for a regular gallon of gas was $4.23 one month ago. The national average clocked in at $3.84 on Tuesday, Aug. 30 — a 9.2% drop.

Hawaii drivers were surprised.

“Not really, it’s $5 plus, so, not much of a difference,” Kaimuki resident John Woffinden said.

“I really haven’t paid much attention, just kind of hold my nose and pour,” Kailua resident Richard Ruhe said.

AAA said Hawaii gas prices averaged around $5.45 one month ago. The average price on Tuesday was $5.29, which comes out to a 2.9% drop.

California made headlines in June for prices higher than $6 a gallon; The average in the Golden State is now $5.26.

“And while Hawaii prices did climb very high, they never got over the $6 a gallon mark. So, there was not as far to fall.”

Marie Montgomery, AAA spokesperson

Some drivers are looking into electric, but not every bank account is ready to make the switch.

“I’ve been shopping for electric vehicles, that’s for sure,” said Ala Moana resident Jay Kim, “but those are so expensive, right?”

“We’re monitoring very closely, you know, I go to my Google app and I see where the gas prices are dropping the quickest and then I make sure that I get my gas there,” Kim said.

Many drivers told KHON2 that they have been changing their habits on the road.

“Yeah, I mean if I go out, just try and put everything all at once, you know. Multiple things, not just one thing,” Woffinden said.

“Oh, all the time. Yeah, that’s always in my mind. yeah, so I’m always kind of thinking how I’m going to minimize the usage of my car,” Kim said.

Summer travel is dropping and AAA said the fall usually means less demand. Hawaii drivers said they are used to pain at the pump at this point.

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“Just being a resident here, we’re used to it because everything is super expensive here,” Kim said, “We’re frustrated, but we’re used to it. That’s kind of the reaction.”