HONOLULU (KHON2) — The year of the rabbit is upon us. It is a year that promises hope, peace and love. Honolulu has hosted its fair share of celebrations. Families are shopping to get all the supplies needed to bring in the new year, and grandparents are pulling out the red envelopes.

There is one item that is a big part of lunar new year celebrations. That is nián gāo, or gāo for short.

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Gāo is a sweet rice cake from China. Nián [年] means year while gāo [高] translates to words related to high, tall or expensive. It indicates the heights we will strive toward in the upcoming year.

Gāo is ubiquitous with new year. It is given as a gift, and it is consumed by families. It is part of how people connect with hope as they enter into an unknown year.

It is a fairly simple recipe, mix some glutinous rice flour, sugar and water and steam in a steamer, slow cooker or instant pot for a few hours.

Inevitably, most people have some gāo leftover. This website has some pretty clever ways to utilize all of it. From fried nián gāo, taro sweet potato spring rolls to super easy baked nián gāo puff pastry, there are so many things you can make with your leftovers.

Alright, now that your appetite has been whetted, let’s take a look at the best places listed by Yelp! to get your gāo.

At the top of the list is Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery located in Chinatown. For $5.25, you can get a small, specially made gāo. The bakery hosts myriad other tasty delights that will make you a regular customer.

Next is Happy Days located in Kaimuki. Happy Days is the place that makes those delicious baked manapua that seems to meld the best yeast roll with the extraordinary deliciousness of manapua. For the new year, Happy Days is offering their own version of gāo.

Coming into the third rank is Sun Chong Grocery located in Chinatown. This quintessential crack seed store has everything you’ll need for the Lunar New Year. They do not normally stock gāo, but they will have it for the special occasion, according to Yelp!

Finally is Duck Lee Chinese Express Foods located on Kapi’olani Boulevard. They specialize in a host of savory Chinese and Cantonese style dishes, and of course, will have gāo.

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There you have it; the top places to get nián gāo for the new year. Go out. Enjoy the festivities. Catch a Lion Dance or two. But, do not forget the gāo.