HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hundreds of families had their lives turned upside down by the wildfires, and the impacts are also being felt by the children.

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It’s almost impossible for many families to return to every day life, especially without a home or school for their kids

The Sanchez family is one of the displaced Lahaina residents now calling The Royal Lahaina Resort and Bungalows their temporary home, not for vacation but out of necessity.

The family consists of Jacob, Amy, their six-year-old son Asher and their twins Stella and Luna who are a year younger.

Their home was one of the hundreds burned in the Lahaina wildfire.

“It wasn’t until like maybe last week that they started playing fireman,” said Amy Sanchez.

The kids are too young to fully understand the magnitude of the fire disaster but the events are being said the leave a mark on them.

“They both take turns having nightmares last night it was Luna,” said Amy.

Jacob was working at the resort when the fires broke out.

“We didnt an accurate count, how much was burning or where it was burning exactly until she finally came out and said no, everything is on fire,” said Jacob.

Amy was at her dad’s home with the kids. She said that’s the only reason they made it out, by getting in grandpa’s car.

Her other option would’ve been carrying Asher, his oxygen tank and the twins out of that inferno.

“He’s special needs and he’s not like the twins where we could just run,” said Amy.

Now, only three weeks after the events, the family craves a sense of normalcy.

The kids were supposed to start school the week of the fires.

“We would like some way for Some way so the kids can study and learn here on the west side because it’s also an emotional toll on them to go through that fire through all that burned stuff and see my home is no longer there,” continued Amy.

An uncertain situation many families are facing as the schools in Lahaina either burned or remained closed.

However, for this family, they have what’s most important with them.

“Just knowing that they’re safe I have them and some people won’t get that reassurance,” said Jacob.

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Amy and Jacob said they plan on attending a meeting tomorrow by the Dept. of Education. Many other families are also expected to attend. Families who also want to keep their children closer to them.