What’s a blue moon and why is it so rare?

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Look up in the sky Thursday night/Friday morning, and you’ll see a rare blue moon.

Just don’t expect the moon to actually be blue, thought the phenomenon can occur in certain conditions.

Scientists say the name has nothing to do with the moon’s color, but the timing.

Full moons usually only happen once a month, and any second full moon of the month is called a blue moon.

It only happens once every two to three years, thus the phrase “once in a blue moon.”

The first full moon of this month was on July 1, and this coming blue moon on July 31 will be the first since August 2012.

The moon will be full at 12:42 a.m. on July 31.

Blue moons are different from supermoons, which occur when the moon is at its closest point to earth and typically appear bigger and brighter than usual.

We won’t have another blue moon until January 2018.

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