What you need to know if your child ingests poisonous products

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The Hawaii Poison Control Center says kids are often poisoned by cleaners, painkillers and prescription medication.

This comes after a report was released by the Hawaii Department of Health showing students at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool were mistakenly served Pine-Sol instead of apple juice. 

Pine-Sol contains ingredients like detergent, pine oil and even some alcohol, which experts say can be dangerous.

“If somebody drank a large amount of this pine cleaner then they could pass out. They could go into a coma. They could have seizures. They could die,” said Shireen Banerji, with the Hawaii Poison Control Center. 

But she says a sip or two is different story.

“I’d really not expect more than stomach upset, possibly an episode of vomiting,” said Banerji.

She says parents would immediately know if their child drank something they shouldn’t have.

“Symptoms would happen very quickly in one to two hours you can see something and so you wouldn’t expect any delayed reaction.”

Banerji says they get around ten to 13 calls a year on Pine-Sol poisoning. She says half that number comes from children under the age of 5.

She also says the incident that happened at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool was a case of look-alike poisons, or poisons which can be mistaken for something else.

“They happen you know. We are on the run and on the go. Things happen when you leave products out like that,” said Banerji. 

If you think your child has drank or eaten something poisonous you can call the Hawaii Poison Control Center hotline here.

“Pick up the phone call the poison center and get some advice,” said Banerji. “Then based on the recommendations, it might be to just have him drink a sip or two of water and watch for symptoms. If it was a large amount, they’ll guide them to the nearest emergency room, and they might even talk to the healthcare providers at the hospital {who can} give them the best advice.”

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