HONOLULU (KHON2) — Itʻs a holiday tradition, eating until youʻre overly stuffed–like the Thanksgiving turkey–then passing out on the couch until itʻs time for round two.

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Estee Shizuru, an Oahu-based health and fitness coach, has tips to make your Thanksgiving meal more gobble and less wobble.

  • Donʻt skip meals – It can be tempting to skip meals, thinking youʻll save space for the main event. But skipping meals can make you overly hungry by turkey time. Instead, Shizuru recommends you eat a well-balanced meal which includes protein, fiber and healthy fats.
  • Stay hydrated – Be sure youʻre drinking water throughout the day. It can be easy to forget to hydrate when youʻre preparing Thanksgiving dishes but dehydration can lead to feeling tired and worn out.
  • Practice mindful eating – Pace yourself while enjoying your Thanksgiving meal, enjoy the conversations, put your fork down and give your body a chance to alert you if youʻre still hungry before rushing over to refill your plate.
  • Fill up on veggies – Thanksgiving dishes offer a variety of foods and often include lots of yummy veggies. Shizuru advises to start your meal with vegetables, as they are packed with nutrients and fiber, which can help curb your appetite so you donʻt overindulge.
  • Limit sugary drinks and alcohol – Calories, calories. Consuming sugary drinks or alcohol on top of eating a very large meal can make you feel lousy and possibly send you heading for the sofa. Instead, enjoy one glass of wine or a seltzer but donʻt overdo it.
  • Choose your treats wisely – There is rarely a lack of sweet treats on offer so choose wisely, indulge in things you will really enjoy. Donʻt put treats on your plate just because theyʻre there. That can lead to you feeling overly stuffed.
  • Stay active – With more and more people wanting to move their bodies consistently, a holiday like Thanksgiving is the perfect time to keep up those solid routines. Start your day off with activity or rally the ʻohana to go for a post-meal walk. It can aid digestion and help prevent that overly full feeling.
  • Listen to your body – Pay attention to your bodyʻs hunger and fullness cues. Most of us grew up and were told, “no waste!” However, this belief can leave us overeating and not listening to what our body is trying to tell us. Try to take smaller portions but if you do take a little too much, remember itʻs okay to leave some food on your plate if youʻre satisfied.

With these things in mind, you are now empowered to make better choices so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the other holiday meals that are fast approaching.