HONOLULU (KHON2) — Starting this week, people on Oahu will be receiving a card from the Office of Elections.

It will have all the dates you’ll need to know for the first all mail-in election for the state.

“Basically, it gives you information, dates, how you can learn more about elections by mail,” said Chief Election Officer Scott Nago.

The most important dates you need to know are July 9 when voting registration ends and July 21 when you’ll get your ballot in the mail. August 8 is the primary election date when polls will close.

The Office of Elections said right now the cards being sent out are to check to see if everyone’s address is up to date so they can receive a ballot.

To update your information or to register to vote, you can do that all online on their website here.

“The easiest way is to go onto our website and follow the link to register online. Once you fill out the form, once you hit send, you’re registered to vote,” said Nago.

There will also be another card in the mail some time around April similar to this one. That one will ask for an updated signature for the their records.

“The hope is to make voting convenient for everybody,” said Nago. “You don’t have to go to a certain place to vote, you can take your time learn the issues, the candidates.”

He also gave a preview into what the voting system could look like.

Nago said they will have a system up where you can see the voting ballot as early as June.

People who prefer to vote in person can also do so at a Voter Service Center, which will be available starting on July 27. One voting center is the Honolulu Hale.

“You can register voting on Election Day, accessibility voting, if you made a mistake, to get a replacement ballot…,” said Nago.

“Voting by mail is here to stay. This is the new norm,” said Nago.