HONOLULU (KHON2) — In recent years, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has pivoted its focus towards the new regenerative model of tourism and is actively working with Hawaii’s community and visitor industry to Malama Kuu Home or care for our beloved home.

That commitment is evident in the community-focused programs and initiatives that it supports.

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For example, at the Kauai museum.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the Executive Director of Kauai Museum, Uncle Chucky Boy Chock, thank you very much uncle for your time. You have new exhibits here such as Kapa, Niihau shell and Hawaiian quilting as examples. How has the reception been from residents and visitors alike?

“First of all, I went beyond expectations,” said Chock.

“It’s just a simple formula, you know, we get visitors daily. And then maybe the locals will come in during the weekend. But it’s been locals every day. And so that’s our gauge like we reach the community. It’s so important to reach not only our visitors but our residents. This is their museum,” Chock said.

Your exhibit cultural programs here at the museum are supported partially by a HTA Community Enrichment Program. Why do you feel that it’s important that HTA, reinvests tourism dollars back within the communities?

Chock responded, “What allows us to educate not only our community but to educate our visitors so we are grateful to HTA.”

Speaking of community, what impact has caught your museum to bring the court to your community?

“We are a great resource you know as a repository of historical and cultural artifacts. This is the place to come to learn,” said Chock.

I mean you get that feeling the moment you step in here.

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Malama Kuu Home with the Hawaii Tourism Authority.