There are new “cops” at Walmart locations on Oahu and Maui, but it’s not the typical kind. 

At the Walmart in Kapolei, a bright yellow device sits in a parking spot. A tall pole is attached, with cameras flanking the top. 

“Never seen nothing like that before. That’s new to me? I guess upgrade is better,” said Kapolei resident Pat Molioo. “What is that for, theft?” 

It’s called a “Lot Cop,” and it is a new security feature in various parking lots. “Lot Cops” are a mobile, solar-powered security system that’s supposed to catch any illegal action on camera. 

“Well, I thought it’s the police, you know? Now they really can see what you’re doing out here, really,” said Waianae resident Lynn Tavares.  

“I said wow, that’s something great, because I think those things should be installed in every pole out here,” said Makakilo Richard Suzuki. 

The security device is found at Walmart stores on the mainland. Now, they’re popping up on Oahu and Maui. 

Walmart employees say a motion-sensor is installed, so if you get near the lot cop, it will flash a blue light. 

“Mostly I see litter, they throw trash all over the place. I have some friends who experienced car break in, too. Nothing the store can do about it. It’s beyond their call,” said Suzuki. 

He adds he’s glad to see the lot cop. 

“It’s going to benefit the community a whole lot. Being in a rough area, it makes you feel safer like that.”

The Lot Cop can also be found in the Pearl City and Kunia locations.