HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to PlanBeyond, a data gathering company, the ‘Great Resignation’ didn’t solely happen because of COVID-19.

The term ‘Great Resignation’ started in 2021 when an overwhelming number of U.S. workers started leaving their jobs.

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PlanBeyond said through their findings many people who opted to quit their current jobs didn’t do so just because of the pandemic or for a higher paying job, but instead because they were feeling underappreciated, have little workplace collegiality and having a bad supervisor.

In their report it shows not just young employees leaving their jobs, but rather an array of ages. 

Some of the key themes show the great resignation isn’t close to being over despite COVID restrictions easing up and some businesses offering flexible work arrangements.

Through their study they found 21% of employees thought about quitting because of little to no appreciation at work. Eighteen percent said they would quit because of a bad supervisor and 16% said they would quit because of little to no freedom of self-expression. Only 6% of employees answered they would quit based solely on unfair compensation.

Everyday small businesses are struggling to stay open because of the current job labor shortage. This is taking place nationwide but also right here in Hawaii. 

As more Americans are choosing to be pickier with their type of employment, how can businesses look more appealing?

According to PlanBeyond, employees want to be themselves at work and have a good work-place environment. The company also noted just because some employees aren’t interested in staying for more money doesn’t mean businesses should stop considering raising their wage for incoming employees. 

According to Living Wage Calculator, a website made to calculate the estimated cost of living in your community or region, the estimated hourly wage a single person should make in Honolulu to pay for all basic needs is $20.61.

To pay for all basic needs for a family of four with two working adults, the estimated hourly wage for both working parents should be $26.45.

Honolulu is currently going through a rental hike with prices for apartments and homes increasing to upwards of 10%. 

According to recent rent report by Zumper, the online rental listing platform, median one-bedroom rent went up 12% year-over-year nationally. The median two-bedroom rent is up 14.1% year-over-year.

In January’s data, Honolulu’s median one-bedroom rent rose to $1,660, that’s up 13.7% year-over-year. The median two-bedroom rent rose to $2,190, up 15.3% year-over-year. 

Out of 100 cities, Honolulu came in 17th in Zumper’s National Rent Report for rent growth.

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Expensive rentals, employees re-thinking their current employment and wanting better work environment may be contributing to the long-going ‘Great Resignation’.