HONOLULU (KHON2) — The recent fatal stabbing at the Hawaii State Hospital does not mark the first of incidents at the location.

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An escapee of the hospital back in March – 28-year-old Andrew Schmitke – is just another incident that gave the institution an unwanted spotlight.

The escape occurred after the State completed work on a new $160,000,000 state-of-the-art psychiatric ward.

Then there was Randall Saito, who made headlines in November 2017 after having walked right out of the hospital and onto a charter flight to Maui before finally boarding a plane to the mainland, by just using a fake ID.

Saito was eventually arrested in California and is serving a 5 year prison sentence for the incident, but these two escapees aren’t alone on the list.

David True Seal is yet another walk away from the facility, having made his escape back in 2009.

He was not found until he killed someone on the Big Island four years later.

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Seal is currently serving a 20 year prison term.