HONOLULU (KHON2) — Many people are excited for what this new year has to bring and hope to reach many of the goals they set.

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Ryley Rosenswie, a Waikiki resident, said “2023, I want to start being more social. Start being myself and, like, take more chances; stop being less scared.”

Leaundre Coats, who recently moved to Hawaii is trying to have a different mindset in a new environment. “This entire year I’m just positive. If you’re not positive, just don’t even come around. Don’t even call my phone; don’t text me. They’ll say anything. If it’s not positive, you’re not getting a response from me. That’s really my mindset this entire year,” said Coats.

Others are focusing on their finances. Some say 2022 was a hard year. “Always have goals, or goals are dreams with a deadline. So, my financial goal is just working. I wanted to kind of get more money up for retirement; my 401k is kind of down with the economy. So, just out here working during the sun having fun,” said LeRoy Wickham, a Kailua resident.

One of the top resolutions people make and give up is getting active. so, what can you do to keep to your goal? A certified fitness trainer said keeping it simple and consistent is the key.

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“Have your workouts be creative and fun. Because all of a sudden, when your workouts are fun, you do want to do it just like anything in your life. There’s nothing wrong with a yearly goal by the end of the year; but sometimes, that can be too long. How about if you go with three months. So in three months, I want to be at this point. But, you have to make daily goals to make that happen,” said David Patterson, fitness trainer.