Wedding, prom and party favor businesses warn to buy early amid coronavirus closures in China

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — There are many items that people may not know come from China. Some of these items include fabric, ceramics and other items. With multiple factories halting production in China and ports closed for business, the lack of Chinese imports is beginning to affect Hawaii businesses.

“Because of the delay in China‚Ķ that’s where all the fabrics are manufactured mainly, so the vendors have already put out letters to us warning us that things may be a little delayed,” said Leslie Nakagawa, Bijou Bridal manager.

Bijou Bridal has hundreds of different options for brides, but if you’re looking to get your dream dress, they suggest it’s best to buy it now. Nakagawa said it normally takes six to eight months to special order a dress in a bride’s size, now the order time is around seven to nine months.

She said if you’re getting married before August, finding a dress is possible, but it may be more stressful.

“We can check availability for in stock, what the vendor has in stock, so it’s not necessarily out of the question that you can’t get a dress, but timing is limited if you are waiting to purchase a dress,” said Nakagawa.

Other dress companies like Do’s Formal said the same thing applies with prom dresses. With fabric not coming in, what they have in stock right now is what they’ll have pretty much through prom season, so they recommend, if you see a prom dress you like, you should buy it before it’s gone.

If you’re looking for custom ceramic wedding favors or even graduation centerpieces, you could be in trouble there too.

Daga Hawaii has been doing custom printing for 47 years, printing for other businesses like Kono’s Restaurants and events like this weekend’s Beer Craft Festival. Dan Coscina, the general manager of Daga Hawaii, said it’s been a month since the latest shipment of ceramic supplies from China, which means that in the next few months, supply for things like coffee mugs or other ceramic made goods could be short.

“Production is going to be way behind, and that’s going to take a bite out of my sales, my customer sales,” said Coscina. “Because the back log at the ports. That’s going to cause it, so I’m going to say, we’re looking at almost three months to get new stock in once they start up.”

He said they also get supplies for their glassware from the mainland and Mexico, so they’re not entirely out of stock. It’s just a question of how long the problems in China will last.

“I talk to our warehouse and factories every day, ‘how’s things going, and they say, we’re okay right now,’ but I think I’m going to double up on orders, get whatever I can have it in stock,” said Coscina.

Businesses say that they will continue to watch what happens in China to see if there’s any changes in supply.

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