HONOLULU (KHON2) — For many, there is no way to avoid getting behind the wheel, and as gas prices continue to jump. People are trying to find ways to save every dollar possible.

Overnight, the price for fuel at a Honolulu gas station went up by seven cents, from $4.54 to $4.61 per gallon.

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The state’s chief energy officer said prices are volatile due to the uncertainty in the global oil markets affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In Hawaii, that uncertainty is being felt with high prices that are breaking records.

Triple-A Hawaii Spokesperson Doug Shupe said, “That is what is putting upward pressure on the crude oil prices. And then leading to higher pump prices. Many folks in Hawaii are noticing these increases almost daily.”

Drivers should check that their car maintenance is up-to-date. This could help reduce gas usage and save money.

Lex Brodie’s Manager Cooper Masani said it is recommended to check tire pressure at least once a month.

Masani said, “Tire rotation, maybe every six months or 6,000 miles, and then maybe check the alignment at least once or twice a year.”

Triple-A recommends minimizing air conditioning usage and avoiding speeding and hard accelerations.

Shupe said, “There are all kinds of stuff in there. Golf clubs, from the weekend, boxes of paperwork from the office, all of that extra weight is making your vehicle heavier, and you’re paying more to drive it around.”

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People who use premium fuel should also make sure their car model requires it, and it is not just a recommendation. Experts said cars with recommended premium can operate safely with unleaded gasoline.