KANEOHE, Hawaii (KHON2) — Photographer Chuck Babbitt took video of manta rays in Kaneohe Bay on Sunday, March 27.

Babbitt said there is a group of rays that frequent the reef area of the bay.

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A manta ray expert said circling is probably courtship behavior.

“The female’s the larger one and the males follow them,” said Keller Laros, president of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation. “We’ve been seeing a lot of this recently in Kona, a lot of courtships. Spring is here, and the mantas are feeling the love. When manta rays are excited the white on their back can be much more vibrant. So these are some very happy manta rays right here.”

Manta rays are the largest rays in the world.

They’re highly intelligent but also highly threatened.

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They can grow up to 29 feet in length and live up to 50 years.