HONOLULU (KHON2) — For the next few weeks, KHON2 will be live streaming Kaimana Beach where Hawaiian monk seal Kaiwi and her pup are resting.

The majority of the beach is fenced off so the pair can rest without disruption or harassment.

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DLNR deemed the occurrence an official government operation, with 24-hour enforcement and they asked the public to find another beach to recreate at.

Kaiwi gave birth on April 14 and officials have used the event to educate visitors and residents about the importance of not disturbing resting mothers and pups.

“So, if anyone is on the beach and has any questions about Mom and Pup or anything else, you can look for us. We’ll be in gray shirts and you’re more than welcome to ask us any questions,” said HMAR education and engagement manager Emily Greene.

On April 27, HMAR announced on their social media that the pup is a female. According to HMAR the pup is the first female born on Kaimana since Kaimana was born in 2017.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the pup will be nursing, feeding, learning wild behaviors and how to swim.

NOAA said that is why this short span that the pup has with its mom is critical and why they need to be free from interference so the pup can gain confidence and independence.

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This is the third consecutive year that a seal has given birth at Kaimana Beach. Kaiwi gave birth to another pup, her fourth, at Kaimana in 2021.

This exclusive live stream, made possible by Kaimana Beach Hotel, will stream 24/7 on KHON2 until Kaiwi weans her pup and the pup is relocated.