HONOLULU (KHON2) — The NWS said Hawaiiʻs dry season was the 8th driest in the last 30 years, with 2010 being the driest.

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Hawaii had near to below average rainfall in its dry season of May through September.

Below average rainfall is expected to continue through the wet season as well.

Drought is expected to affect more than 40 percent of the state, with the potential for severe drought by the end of February.

A map showing dry season totals across Hawaii. (Courtesy NWS)
(Courtesy NWS)

Few heavy rain events are expected but the NWS reminds the public to be prepared in case of isolated events.

NWSʻs Kevin Kodama said that out-of-season brushfires could be expected and those who use catchment for their water needs will notice lower levels.

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Due to this yearʻs El Niño, there is a higher likelihood of large surf events along north shores, especially into the first two months of 2024.