WAIPAHU (KHON) – Have you heard of “eskrima?”

It’s an ancient form of martial art that originated in the Philippines, and in honor of Filipino-American History Month, a free class will be taught at the Filcom Center in Waipahu on Saturday, October 15 from 12:30pm to 2pm.

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The free class will be taught by the Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii school of martial art.

Eskrima (also spelled escrima), derived from the Spanish word for fencing, “esgrima,” focuses on the use of sticks, knives, and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

According to the International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation, eskrima formed over the centures with the influence of various tribes and cultures in the Philippines.

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“The first known Filipino hero, Lapulapu, was believed to be one of the foremost masters of arnis,” writes the International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation.